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1485 carrots.
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Left for the RBB:Feb 13, 2012 Member since:Sep 19, 2010
Birthday:Mar 01, 2004Profile last updated:Mar 01, 2012
Gender:femaleLast Online:May 08, 2015
Breed:Netherland Dwarf
Home:Orlando, FL - USA

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More about Rabbit D Stomper

Favorite Foods

Carrots,fresh grass,timothy hay,seed sticks.

Favorite Toys

jingle ball,chew toys

What I like

The salt lick,the outdoor pen.

What I don't like

Cage cleaning time,loud noises,guinea pigs.


Rabbit D Stomper's Story

I found Rabbit running around wild on a construction site I was working at. Rabbit would come close to get the food I offered,but not close enough to be caught. She would jump up in the air & kick out her feet as if to say,"You can't catch me!". But one day,after a week of trying,her head was pointed just the right direction & I grabbed at just the right time & I caught her. She didn't fight at all,& she has lived with me from that time on,for 7 years.

Rabbit passed on to the Rainbow Bridge Feb. 13,2012.